Amawaterways's Rhine river cruise

Explore the Rhine river and its banks with Amawaterways. There is always something to do onboard Amawaterways cruise ship. Amawaterways's Rhine River cruise fleet includes AmaCerto, AmaLucia, AmaMora, AmaPrima, AmaSerena, AmaSiena, with a unique and luxurious experience.

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Looking for Rhine river cruise with Amawaterways? Flowing from the Swiss Alps of Switzerland, through Germany, and to Holland's North Sea, one of Europe's most legendary rivers is Rhine River, most famous for its legendary Lorelei rock and the imposing medieval castles that line its banks. The Rhine River is the essence of romance as it winds through castle-dotted hillsides, dramatic rocky gorges and picturesque Old World villages. Easily find and compare Amawaterways Rhine river cruise.

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Amawaterways Rhine 10-day route

Amawaterways, Rhine from Basel, July 8, 2023

Cruise Ship: AmaCerto; Duration: 10-day;

Ports of Call: Basel, Breisach, Strasbourg, Rudesheim, Rhine Gorge, Bernkastel-Kues, Moselle Valley, Cochem, Cologne, Amsterdam, Amsterdam;