A-ROSA's Main river cruise

Explore the Main river and its banks with A-ROSA River Cruises. There is always something to do onboard A-ROSA cruise ship. A-ROSA's Main River cruise fleet includes A-ROSA Aqua, A-ROSA Brava, A-ROSA Silva, with a unique and luxurious experience.

Discover the Main river with A-ROSA River Cruises

A-ROSA River Cruises

Looking for Main river cruise with A-ROSA River Cruises? The Main River provides a cruise through charming scenery and insights into the rich history of Germany from modern, densely populated Mainz to more traditional medieval Bavarian towns where wine and leather goods are manufactured. Bamberg on the Main is an architectural gem, and marks the start of the Main-Danube Canal, winding 106 miles through rural Bavaria linking the Main with the River Danube at Kelheim. Easily find and compare A-ROSA River Cruises Main river cruise.

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