Poetry II & Tapestry II from Port St. Louis 2024

Poetry II & Tapestry IIEmbark on a European river cruise from Port St. Louis and discover the history, architecture, art, and culture of France onboard Poetry II & Tapestry II from Avalon Waterways. River cruising onboard Poetry II & Tapestry II is the ideal way to see this part of Europe and you can see a selection of these river cruises from Port St. Louis. Port St. Louis is the base for an exciting range of Poetry II & Tapestry II river cruises providing a best of when it comes to all the sights and experiences the region has to offer, with the intimidation-lowering factor of your own semi-private guide.

Avalon Waterways

Browse the best European river cruise itinerary in 2024 onboard one of ships from Avalon Waterways fleet. Each of the 23 ships within Avalon Waterways takes care of just about everything. The Avalon Waterways fleet features an intimate dining room, daily shore excursions, and a small fitness center and hair salon. Avalon Waterways' modern suite ships are equipped with Avalon's signature wall-to-wall glass that retracts to create a true open-air balcony, transforming staterooms into a giant veranda. The "Local Favorites" program includes activities such as food and wine tastings, demonstrations by local artisans, and local guides to give you an insider's perspective on each destination.

Port St. Louis

Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhone is a french city located south east of France. The seaside resort of Port Saint Louis is active all year long. In the summer, it's Napoleon Beach that attracts large numbers to benefit from its 10 kilometers of fine sand between the mouth of the Rhone and the Gulf of Fos de Mer. This beach allows the discovery of ponds, numerous birds including pink flamingos. The different beaches of Port Saint Louis are also reputed for windsurfing or kitesurfing, especially when le mistral blows!

River cruise from Port St. Louis with Poetry II & Tapestry II 2024