MS Michelangelo from Milan 2024

MS MichelangeloEmbark on a European river cruise from Milan and discover the history, architecture, art, and culture of Italy onboard MS Michelangelo from CroisiEurope River Cruises. River cruising onboard MS Michelangelo is the ideal way to see this part of Europe and you can see a selection of these river cruises from Milan. Milan is the base for an exciting range of MS Michelangelo river cruises providing a best of when it comes to all the sights and experiences the region has to offer, with the intimidation-lowering factor of your own semi-private guide.

CroisiEurope River Cruises

Browse the best European river cruise itinerary in 2024 onboard one of ships from CroisiEurope River Cruises fleet. CroisiEurope has a fleet of more than 50 luxury and well-equipped cruise ships, sailing on the 39 most beautiful waterways in Europe. The ship's accommodation capacity varies from 100 to 180 passengers, depending on its design. Explore the various riverside city sites of France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Belgium on rivers such as the Siena, Po, Douro, Danube, and Rhine, where you can explore music, culture, and breathtaking landscapes.


Milan is a city in northern Italy and the second-most populous city in Italy. Today Milan offers a sublime mix of historical architecture, modern high-rise skyscrapers, all mingled together with a dash of Italian life. The city is particularly known for its abundance of high end fashion retailers and the beautiful Duomo Cathedral. Milan is a major world fashion centre and a global hub for trade and design. Like most cities in Italy, Milan has developed its own local culinary tradition, which, uses more frequently rice than pasta, butter than vegetable oil and features almost no tomato or fish.

River cruise from Milan with MS Michelangelo 2024