15-day Dordogne River cruise

Looking for a 15-day Dordogne River cruise vacation? Discover the best Dordogne River cruise vacations for 15-day. 15-day Dordogne River cruising allows you to both enjoy the ever-changing scenery and also discover the unique customs, cultures, and cuisines. Enjoy beautiful scenery and spectacular hills along the amazing Dordogne River on your 15-day cruise vacation.

Dordogne River

DordogneEnjoy a spectacular Bordeaux wine region from the deck of your floating hotel as you cruise along Dordogne river. Every river cruise from Bordeaux will take you on a journey along the Garonne, Gironde and Dordogne rivers, exploring the stunning villages, castles and countryside with unique cuisine and wines of the region. Besides wine, the region is rich with historic sites, with many renowned chateaux, and natural wonders.

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