Douro River Cruise January 2024

DouroTake a memorable Douro cruise adventure in January 2024. Most Douro River cruises are from Porto, ships curves through the terraced vineyards of the Douro River Valley, stopping at places like Guimaraes, Bitetos, Regua, Pinhao, Barca d'Alva and Vega de Terron and historic Salamanca, just across the border in Spain. The longer itineraries include land travel along with a cruise and may include cities, such as Lisbon or Madrid. Explore the dramatic landscapes and incredible history of the Douro Valley, known primarily for Port, a sweet wine that has been produced here for two thousand years. The 'capital' of the Douro Valley is a town called Peso da Regua, home to the headquarters of the Port Wine Institute. A small town on the north bank of the river, Pinhao, marks the start of port production. A river's fascination lies on its banks-in its scenery and nature, and the cities and cultures of the lands through which it flows. Douro river cruise will give you a unique opportunity to tour iconic cities with rich history and culture along some of the most beautiful regions of unparalleled beauty. Explore Douro during a river cruise in January 2024, along with a host of historic towns and cities as old as time, and regions of unparalleled beauty.

Cruise lines on Douro in January 2024

Cruise on spectacular Douro river in January 2024. Cruise operators on the Douro river include and other cruise lines. Easily find and compare top Douro river cruise in January 2024.

January 2024 Douro River Cruise Schedule