10-day Elbe River cruise

Looking for a 10-day Elbe River cruise vacation? Discover the best Elbe River cruise vacations for 10-day. 10-day Elbe River cruising allows you to both enjoy the ever-changing scenery and also discover the unique customs, cultures, and cuisines. Enjoy beautiful scenery and spectacular hills along the amazing Elbe River on your 10-day cruise vacation.

Elbe River

ElbeAn Elbe cruise takes you to a number of European areas along the Elbe River. A cruise along the Elbe River you'll find small villages and vineyards, the stunning scenery of Eastern Germany's "Saxon Switzerland", the Dresden Elbe Valley, the history and heritage of central Germany and the picturesque towns of the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic, as far as Prague and Berlin through Elbe's major tributaries, the Vltava and the Havel river. Elbe Cruises offers an an intimate trip through old Europe with captivating landscape, surrounded by natural valleys and historic cities such as Magdeburg, Wittenberg, Meissen, Melnik and Litomerice.

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