January 2022, Avalon

Avalon Waterways has a fleet of ships capable of taking its passengers on all the European rivers with departures available in January 2022. Avalon fleet include ships Artistry II, Envision, Expression, Expression & Poetry II, Illumination, Imagery II, Imagery II, Panorama, Passion, Passion & Tranquility II, Poetry II, Poetry II & Expression, Poetry II & Tapestry II, Tapestry II, Tapestry II & Poetry II, Tranquility II, View, Visionary, Vista, with their own unique way to pamper you and indulge your senses.

Avalon River Cruise January 2022

Avalon Waterways

Embark on a European river cruise with Avalon Waterways in January 2022 and discover the history, architecture, art and culture ot the Europe. Unpack your bags once and enjoy the changing scenery from your stateroom balcony as you sail with Avalon Waterways through multiple countries and charming European towns on Danube, Main, Moselle, Rhine, Rhone, Seine, river. Easily find and compare all Avalon Waterways river cruises in January 2022.

Avalon River Cruise Calendars, Itineraries and Cruise Ship Schedules January 2022