23-day Main River cruise

Looking for a 23-day Main River cruise vacation? Discover the best Main River cruise vacations for 23-day. 23-day Main River cruising allows you to both enjoy the ever-changing scenery and also discover the unique customs, cultures, and cuisines. Enjoy beautiful scenery and spectacular hills along the amazing Main River on your 23-day cruise vacation.

Main River

MainThe Main River of southern Germany connects the Rhine River to the northwest with the Danube River to the east via the Rhine-Main-Danube canal. Main River cruises are always combined with other waterways, the most common package includes the Main with the Rhine and Danube. Some cruises also travel along the Moselle and the Dutch and Belgian Waterways. The Main River allow cruise ships flows past several iconic cities and towns including Wurzburg, Frankfurt and Bamberg which is so well-preserved it boasts UNESCO status.

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