Ardeche Gorge River Cruise

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Cruises to Ardeche Gorge, France 2021

Ardeche Gorge, France

Looking for your next river cruise to Ardeche Gorge, France in 2021? The Gorges de l'Ardeche, located in the French department Ardeche, is made up of a series of gorges in the river and locally known as the "European Grand Canyon". Notable sights along the canyon include the Pont d'Arc at the beginning of the canyon, a natural arch 60 m wide and 54 m high. Much of the canyon is inaccessible except by water, and canoeing and kayaking are popular sports on the river. Wildlife lovers may see eagles and other birds of prey, green lizards, or even some of the wild goats that now roam freely through the scrubland near the lip of the gorge. Find and plan your next 2021 river cruise to Ardeche Gorge, France on European River Cruises.

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