A-ROSA Sena from Cologne 2024

A-ROSA SenaEmbark on a European river cruise from Cologne and discover the history, architecture, art, and culture of Germany onboard A-ROSA Sena from A-ROSA River Cruises. River cruising onboard A-ROSA Sena is the ideal way to see this part of Europe and you can see a selection of these river cruises from Cologne. Cologne is the base for an exciting range of A-ROSA Sena river cruises providing a best of when it comes to all the sights and experiences the region has to offer, with the intimidation-lowering factor of your own semi-private guide.

A-ROSA River Cruises

Browse the best European river cruise itinerary in 2024 onboard one of ships from A-ROSA River Cruises fleet. A-ROSA offers some of the best river cruises in Europe. A-ROSA itineraries, from 3 to 16 nights, are designed to offer as much time in each port as possible, balanced with spectacular daytime cruising. The A-ROSA fleet's contemporary ships are custom-built and carry an average of only 175 to 242 guests. Each A-Rosa River Cruise ship has a spa, gym, relaxation room, sauna, and steam room. A-ROSA itineraries are created specifically for active travelers seeking cultural adventures. Explore your passions with food, wine, art, music, and history-focused cruises and excursions.


Cologne is fourth largest city in Germany and largest city of the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia. One of the key inland ports of Europe, it is the historic, cultural, and economic capital of the Rhineland. Cologne is famous for its 12 great Romanesque churches - especially the magnificent Cologne Cathedral - all an easy walk from the historic Old Town. Its university is one of the oldest and largest in Europe. Among its attractions are Roman remains, medieval churches, Baroque palaces, and museums that reflect such diverse subjects and the various products for which it is known: fragrances, mustard, and chocolate.

River cruise from Cologne with A-ROSA Sena 2024